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  • Teresa Alexander Norrod

    Teresa Alexander Norrod

    Teresa Alexander Norrod posted


  • Kristina Sung

    Kristina Sung

    Kristina Sung posted

    What do you think will happen with these two?

  • Taisha Jackson

    Taisha Jackson

    Taisha Jackson posted

    Wow, the Guidice duo could be going to jail for a very long time. This is completely shocking to find out. Are you all as surprised as I am? Do you think they're innocent or guilty? I'm just at a loss for words...

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    • Kim Daigle posted

      They are so GUILTY!!! They make me sick!!! They are the most ignorant people I have ever seen!!! And then they try to insult everyone's intelligent's with all their lies and BS!!! Rot in jail where you both belong!!!!

    • Alexsa Mims posted

      Guilty as charged!

  • Vivian Couret Krasic

    Vivian Couret Krasic

    Vivian Couret Krasic posted

    What did I miss regarding Carolines father in law? It sounded like he might have been murdered.

  • zeebox rob

    zeebox rob

    zeebox rob posted

    Who do you think said this?

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  • Rob Alicea

    Rob Alicea

    Rob Alicea posted

    Nice hair, Jacqueline!

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  • Chris Bozonie

    Chris Bozonie

    Chris Bozonie posted

    I like jersey housewives because the husbands are real guys, not like the pussies guys on the other housewives shows so I can at least watch it with my wife

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    • Matthew Davis posted

      I wish I could watch it but in England we cannot view seasons 4 and 5 yet, and no channel has picked up the show so we are stuck. My email address is further up the page and I would be willing to pay for these burnt onto a disc and sent to me. Pleas email if this is something you would consider for a fellow fan. Its doing our heads in watching season 3 again, If I hear On Display again im going to go nuts! Thanks

    • Alexsa Mims posted

      Yeah? Cuz they can really cuss and go at it? What a lame reason!

  • Kristina Sung

    Kristina Sung

    Kristina Sung posted

    Would you trust her?

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    • Matthew Davis posted

      That pic is scary.

    • Alexsa Mims posted

      No! She turns on all her friends. She does everything for the camera, and she keeps making fun of Caroline's age. If this hussy lives long enough, she's gonna be Caroline's age too. She needs to pray she lives to see that age. How rude and thoughtless of her. Evil and mean is what she is. She should go to jail for those comments alone. Don't like her at all. Replace her please! A felon as a real housewife? No no no!!!

  • Melissa


    Melissa posted

    Who believes Teresa ?

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    • Matthew Davis posted

      I can only watch up to season 3 in England, England does not have viewing rights as no channel has picked it up. All I keep seeing is season 3 Can someone send me copies of seasons 4 and 5 please, I am willing to pay for this. My email address is further up the page. Thanks

    • Alexsa Mims posted

      Not me!

  • Michael Buckley

    Michael Buckley

    Michael Buckley posted

    Real Housewives Awards are going to be crazy! Join me this Sunday at 8p NY Time as I dish on all the mess! Don’t miss it. Join the Real Housewives of Buck Room Now.

  • Beamly


    Beamly posted

    Join YouTube star Michael Buckley for his live event happening in ‘The Real Housewives of Buck Room’ on Sunday Night at 8pm New York time! He’ll be dishing on #RHOA and the all the #RHAwards as they’re announced! Yay! Don’t miss a night with Buck! Join the room now:

  • mjay


    mjay posted

    Did u know that there is a room for bravo-holics? All bravo shows in one room! Click the more rooms button on the main show page & you'll see the bravo logo. Go on in & chat! Everything from Nene to Ramona to Jeff Lewis! See u there!

  • Jackie Timson

    Jackie Timson

    Jackie Timson posted

    Rosie... to hat or not to hat?

    • eliza garcia posted

      Why can't everyone be happy on that show

    • Jeremiah posted

      Why is she looking like a tamato and What is wrong with her funny looking lips

  • haley steiner

    haley steiner

    haley steiner posted


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    • Gwen Hall-Mikosh posted

      i live at the jersey shore and i know these ladies tan indoors.....yuck...fake!!!!

    • Matthew Davis posted

      Hello, we cannot view seasons 4 and 5 in England and no channels are picking up the show, all we keep getting is repeats of the other series, and On Display is doing my head in. I wanted to ask could anyone on here please consider burning me copies of 4 and 5 on to disc and sending them to me, I would be willing to pay you. My email address is further up the page and we would really appreciate it someone could do this for me and my wife. Thanks

  • Marcella A'bella Massey

    Marcella A'bella Massey

    Marcella A'bella Massey posted

    I wonder if there will be another season ?

    • Jackie Huitz posted


    • Matthew Davis posted

      Hello, I left a few posts above, I live in the UK and cannot get anything past season 3, I would be willing to pay for copies of season 4 and 5 on disc and sent to me in England. Im a fan, so is my wife. It would be very much appreciated, my email address is further up the page. Please email me. PLEEEAAASE

  • Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis

    Matthew Davis posted

    I cannot view anything past season 3 in the UK and its driving me crazy, can someone PLEASE email me a about getting me some dvds sent over, I will pay you. PLEEEEEASE email me. Thanks

    • Matthew Davis posted

      Me and my wife love this show. This is a serious message. I will pay for these to be burnt onto discs and sent to me in England. Seasons 4 and 5 I have not seen. I have even contacted Bravo, Lifetime, Sky TV etc. with no luck whatsoever. Seasons 4 & 5 do not have licensing rights in this country, it is ridiculous, I just keep seeing season 3 all the time, and im sick of hearing On Display!! Could a fellow fan please contact me as I have been left at a point where I really want to see seasons 4 & 5 and have been left in the dark. I will pay for them if that makes it any more do-able. I will keep my finger crossed. Thanks

  • Jackie Huitz

    Jackie Huitz

    Jackie Huitz posted

    Who has the best style?

  • Happy


    Happy posted

    Teresa God has nothing to do with it. It was you and Joe

  • Happy


    Happy posted

    I have a heart of GOLD LMAO

  • Jackie Timson

    Jackie Timson

    Jackie Timson posted

    Who said that??

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